Austin Robertson

musings and thoughts from yours truly

Today, I am launching a new version of By now, I’ve gone though a number of different Content Management Systems. From WordPress to Tumblr, I just couldn’t find one I liked. Everything was too busy. I wanted simple and minimal, so I created this. Built from the ground, I’ve created simple static HTML. That’s all I need and want. It’s hosted on Amazon S3, which is scalable and dirt cheap. But that’s enough nerd talk.

I rarely blog, but I like to have a little spot on the Internet to dump my thoughts and creations. Don’t expect any deep thoughts or philosophical ponderings. Mainly, I want this site to be part Internet business card, part home for my silly creations and codings. Maybe someday I’ll get around to blogging my life, when it becomes interesting enough. For now, you’ll have to put up with the nonsense I leave here. Enjoy!